Project References

Restipix Storage Units Pretoria
Abnormal Roofing Manufactured, Supplied and installed Roof Truss panels and Roof Sheeting . 1000m2  of total installation in just  8 days !!!.
6000m2 completed . Thanks Guys
As Restipix, we  would recommend Abnormal Roofing for any project big or small.

Medupi Power Station
14000m2 done within planned time frame with a well presented professional service. You delivered when we needed it – what more can we ask for ?

Delba Electrical Springs
Louie Ward and his team from Abnormal roofing Supplied and Installed Polycarb sheeting . We are extremely happy with the results of the work and the professionalism during the project. We wholeheartedly recommend them

Aqua Elite Water Purification & Packaging Solutions
We needed manufacturing space in a hurry for a big project that came up suddenly. When I called Louie , he was able to supply roofing materials and install under intense pressure and at short notice. Some of the best service I have encountered in the construction industry for decades.

Abnormal Roofing (what we do)

Manufacture Roof Sheeting
Manufacture DIY Factories, DIY Stores, DIY Eco Friendly small Nurseries units, Utility Sheds and Carports
Manufacture our own Specially Engineered Brackets for our DIY Stores
Full turnkey Solutions to our customers.

We supply the following materials:
* Roof Sheeting cut to size
* Coils: Color and Galv
* Light Steel Frame Structures
* Insulation (Alububble / Sisolations)
* Galv Lipchannels cut to size
* Square Tubing
* ARS Steel Brackets
* Gutters and Rainwater Goods.
* Fasteners